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Video Review Reveals Alleged Sexual Assault of 6-Year-Old on School Bus

A Houston mother is demanding answers from Aldine Independent School District after officials there reported to that her 6-year-old child was repeatedly assaulted while riding the bus but only after she asked to see the video regarding another matter, reported ABC 13.

Latoya Monroe said she has learned that an older boy had sexually assaulted her son for the past several months. However, she said she was unaware of the incidents until last week, when her son’s backpack went missing.

Monroe reportedly asked district officials to review the security footage onboard the bus to see what had happened to the backpack. That’s when Monroe said she received a call from the school district and was told that the assaults had been captured on video.

Following days of talking with her son, the details became more graphic each time, said Monroe.

According to the article, community Activist Quannell X had said the child also complained of stomach pains and waas taken to see doctor. He claims the examination revealed internal injuries that are assumed to be from the assault.

Quannell also reportedly stated that the school bus driver thought the noises coming from the back of the bus were students fighting.

Monroe and her supporters want more immediate action, such as the bus driver removed and the school principal disciplined. According to the article, neither the school district nor the union representing the bus driver have provided any additional comments about those demands.

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